Land of Gods

A Man of Mystery and Legend

Geia sas, you have found my page have you? My name is Heracles Karpusi and I live by the idea that "It is not living that matters but living rightly."

Hey everyone I’ma just gonna take a minute to post a much needed OOC adminy mun thing. I think it’s been obvious that I’m going through a dry spell with my Greece and Belarus muses. Maybe I’ve been at it too long with the same characters but I just feel dried up and a little tired.

THAT BEING SAID I really REALLY don’t want to leave this group cause I love y’all and I’ve grown very fond of the role players and their muses so I’ll be reserving and applying for Belgium 8DDDD Hopefully I do an okay job.

Also Laurel, since my cell’s not letting me answer messages that are submitted I just wanted to ask Lux mun for closure role plays and all that on Skype. And srsly if you ever want to episode with Greece or Belarus again just get my Skype and poke me. I’m planning on turning these accounts into Indie accounts once their muses come back eventually. I’ve had a lot of fun with them and although I’m sad to give them up for now I’m hoping I’ll be a good Belgium? If I’m accepted.

Tomato gang here I come! *blows a kiss*

Thank you for rping with me and helping me develop two unique, wonderful characters.



*damn near swoons at how precious that little kiss is. he drags the boy closer and presses his face into the crook of his neck* You, my dear, are are completely adorable. It’s a wonder Turkey ever kept his hands off of you, assuming he did. *he’s curious…but he knows better than to demand information that Heracles won’t give him* I want to cuddle up with you while you nap, and see you strut around in your little toga. *cackles*

Baba never touched me. I wanted him to once or twice but he was never interested in me that way. Besides, to think! If he was my first I might not have turned out the lover I did! *Beams* I’d be happy to change into my toga! I love my toga!


*basically basking in his sudden upper hand. this is the first time in a while that he’s felt more adult, and Heracles’ warm cheeks only make him gloat further*


Oh come on now, lovely. Don’t be so proper. *bumps his nose into the other man’s for just a moment* I want to see your delightful smile like this. 

*Pouting only more because of all this gloating see this is the downside to being younger and having all these different pheromones* you want me to be improper? *grins and sneaks a quick pecked kiss from the Luxembourger’s lips then purposefully smiles as broadly and toothily as he can*


*whines and does not turn from his mission to pinch Heracles* You really do. Kissable nose, bright eyes, and your lips are more plump than defined like this. *pulls away and taps his own chin* Definitely a different look, but I still like it.

*Damn it he’d forgotten how easily flustered he could get at this age, his face began to heat up with embarrassment*

…..*after a lot of shy silence* thank you for these sentiments and compliments.